General conditions of use of the hotvipescort site


Use of this website is subject to acceptance of the following general conditions. The user fully accepts the conditions. In case of refusal, he is invited to leave the website and not use it. These conditions are freely accessible and in the event of an update, it is up to the user to consult them regularly.

These conditions are concluded between:

The publisher of the website, see Legal information.

The website visitor.

The competent jurisdiction for any litigation is that of Belize (country of the editor of the website)

Article 1: Purpose and functionality of the site

The editor of the hotvipescort site provides visitors free of charge with the possibility of:

- Consult the list of announcements for a city.

- Consult announcements, profiles and photos published on its website.

- Navigate through web page content and different sections.

- Report abuse or counterfeiting.

- Register your email in order to be redirected to a classic dating website.

Article 2: Protection of personal data

The hotvipescort site does not store any personal data, we are very attentive to the protection of our users. Anonymized data for audience statistics is used via the Google Analytics service. No advertising cookie is saved or any way to track the user individually. The ads on the website can be flagged for modification or deletion by positioning themselves on the disputed ad and clicking on the link "flag a false ad", we will respond to your request within 48 hours maximum.

Article 3: Responsibility for content

The Hotvipescort website is not responsible for the content produced by its users and cannot be held responsible for checking them. Certain advertisements, profiles, photos may be displayed for the sole purpose of presentation without contractual value and as an example or entertainment.

However, we undertake on simple request to rectify the content if it involves personal data from a real individual. It suffices to report the content as a false advertisement indicating your quality, and the why this content is contentious.

Article 4: Legal redirection

In certain countries, the use of escort girl services being prohibited, the website editor redirects the visitor to a classic dating site in order to avoid any legal problem in which he will surely find a more suitable meeting. . In this case the visitor can subscribe to services with this website, paid or not, of which he will settle any disputes between the website and himself. The publisher of this website having nothing to do with the dating sites it does not manage will be released from all responsibility.

Article 5: Usage exclusions

Any user of the website must not:

Attempt to hack, hack or modify the content of this website.

Reproduce all content, text and photos are the property of this website.

Advertise paid sex acts.

Usurp someone else's identity or provide false data (contact details, photos).

Spam to other users (visitor or advertiser).

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